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The Warm Bath

 The swallowed world


It's like the mind has swallowed the world. 

What seems to be a hundred meters away can't really be 'there' because

it's just as close as everything else in the vision field. 


No one has ever been hundred meters away and everyone is 'here'.

It's all arising as a matrix of relativity. If everything was a cup, there would be no cup. 

If hundred meters away can't really be 'there', so it is with 1mm. 

This means that 'I' can't really be covering any size at all.

 I must then be either nowhere, or everywhere, which aligns well with the investigation of direct experience. 

Everything is here, or not here. Somewhere in between, or beyond or whatever..

Its just words. Boom bah biim. Isness! 

 No size, everything in the same placeless place. If nothing has actual size, there can't be any borders, separation or actual individual identities, so this must be all the same doing, or being happening. And it must be infinite.

It's the zero point of consciousness. The realest reality.

The infinite Being. The only non illusory 'thing'. But illusions are real as illusions and as appereance in this and as this, its all the same numberless ONE.

The good feelings associated with meditation, or the bliss experienced in abondonment of the senses/merging, points to how this primary reality is more actual and transcendently perfect.

 On the other 'side'  we experience contraction and separation as unpleasant and dreadful because it is un-true.

Do you see how great this alarm system is and how it all gravitates towards union as truth? How much it makes sense that truth feels good and delusion bad? 

The hints are everywhere, and will guide us if we let them. 


                                                                                        17 December 2021







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